Relieve Negative Emotions & Anger with Mushthi Mudra

Ever feel overwhelmed with negative emotion or anger so much that you react and unload that energy on the person that emotion is directed at or even just whomever is near you at the moment? Usually, and unfortunately, it is those we are closest to.

We have all been there, but let’s be real, unloading your negative emotions in a reactive manner is NOT healthy for yourself nor those around you. Not only are you hurting your ability to grow stronger as an individual, but you are sabotaging the relationships of those around you each time you react.

Our bodies respond naturally to emotions such as anger and fear and practicing the Mushthi Mudra helps get rid of those accumulated emotions.

If you do not already incorporate meditation into your lifestyle, I highly encourage you to do so. The best way to apply the Mushthi mudra is through meditation.

Sit comfortably, in a seated position on a mat or chair and close your eyes. Fold the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers into the palm of your hand. Place the thumb onto the ring finger, gently applying pressure. You can do this with both hands. Place the back of the hands on your knees if you would like.

Mushthi Mudra

Focus on your breath, with each inhale and exhale getting a bit softer and slower as they pass. Practice 15 to 45 minutes per day for full benefits.

Key benefits of Mushthi Mudra:

-Controls blood pressure -Releases tension in the body -Relieves anger, fear & frustration -Clears the mind of worry -Eases constipation -Relieves stress & unwanted thoughts

You can practice Mushthi Mudra as a coping skill to simply reset in the moment or you can really use this as an opportunity to reflect on where the emotion is coming from and create healthier habits around controlling your emotions. Shifting your focus internally can help ease the external matter and make a significant difference in the way you experience life.

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