“Our Health Lies in our Fingertips”

Have you heard the word ‘mudras’? Maybe you have, but have no idea what that means. You’re not alone. Mudras date way back to the ancient Vedic texts of India. The word ‘Mudra’ is derived from the root word ‘mud’, which means, “to be glad or to have a delight in”. These postures bring delight to the performer causing ‘drava’, or “dissolation” of the mind.

Mudras are praticed by bringing the fingers together, touching or slightly pressing them in a specific pattern. Doing this affects the levels of the five elements in our body by balancing them and inducing good health. Thus, our health literally lies in our fingertips.

What are the ‘five elements’ and how are they related to the fingers?

According to the ancient Vedic culture, our entire world is made up of the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air (wind), and Ether (space/vacuum), which also constitute the human body.

Earth: The nutrients from the soil are absorbed by plants, which we consume.

Water: Blood running through our veins

Fire: Heat in our body; the digestive system.

Air/wind: Oxygen, inhaled and carbon dioxide, exhaled.

Ether/space: Sinuses in our skull and nose.

Each of our five fingers represents one of the five elements. The pinky finger represents water. The ring finger represents earth. The middle finger -ether/space. The Index finger represents wind/air and the thumb -fire. See image below:

An imbalance of the five elements in our body leads to deteriorated health and disease. Practicing the appropriate mudras help maintain balance, keeping us healthy. Click here to learn more about each mudra and start improving your health!

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