Relieve Back Pain with these Quick Poses

Follow this short sequence of 6 Back Relieving poses: Bitilasana/Marjaryasana -Cat/Cow x10 each Adho Mukha Shvanasana -Downward Dog x8 deep breaths Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana -Upward Dog x8 deep breaths Apanasana -Knees to Chest x8 deep breaths Trikonasana -Triangle Pose x5 breaths each Supta Matsyendrasana -Lying Twist x10 deep breaths each

“Our Health Lies in our Fingertips”

Have you heard the word ‘mudras’? Maybe you have, but have no idea what that means. You’re not alone. Mudras date way back to the ancient Vedic texts of India. The word ‘Mudra’ is derived from the root word ‘mud’, which means, “to be glad or to have a delight in”. These postures bring delightContinue reading ““Our Health Lies in our Fingertips””

Chakras-The “Energy Organs”

“What is a Chakra?”, I was recently asked. What a great question! I guess we don’t really learn much about “chakras” in our Western world teachings, do we? I’ll break it down for you as simply as I can. The “Chakras” are the energetic system of our bodies. While we have the physical body, weContinue reading “Chakras-The “Energy Organs””

Breaking Down Dynamic Stretching vs. Facilitated Stretching

You’ve probably all heard the terms “Dynamic” Stretching and “Static” Stretching. I prefer to introduce to my clients, “Facilitated” stretching as a component of static stretching to help further deepen the stretch. As we all know, dynamic simply means movement. So dynamic stretching includes repetitive movement of the body in order to increase flexibility orContinue reading “Breaking Down Dynamic Stretching vs. Facilitated Stretching”

Overcoming Distractions of the Mind…

I’m going to pull a few excerpts from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras on overcoming Distractions of the mind: 1.30. Disease, inertia, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, sensuality, mind-wandering, missing the point, instability- these distractions of the mind are the obstacles. 1.31. Pain, despair, nervousness, and disordered inspiration and expiration are co-existent with these obstacles. 1.32. ForContinue reading “Overcoming Distractions of the Mind…”